My Name is Max Hay

I'm a digital artist from Vancouver creating 3D environments using a software called Blender. After downloading this software one day, I became obsessed with it and it's what my life revolves around now. I've done art for ASUS, Illenium, Rezz, ESL, Gryffin, SLANDER, and more.

My Journey

How my future and outlook on life went from overwhelmingly dark to radiant and bright:

I was about to graduate high scool with no plan or direction to take my life in. I felt hopeless, slowly accepting the idea of being broke and unknown forever. University wasn't on my radar, and I had no scholarship, job offer, or any income source lined up.

My artistic journey began early, at age 11, playing with Photoshop to create surreal images. Though my skills were far from polished, I'm proud of my younger self for learning that skill at such a young age. Later, I began explored photography with friends, often spending hours shooting downtown. Still, something was missing. I couldn't make exactly what I wanted with photography. I wanted a level of freedom that this artform didn't allow.

Everything changed when I stumbled upon Blender—a 3D rendering software. I didn't even know 3D rendering was possible until then, and it blew my mind. The fascination grew into an obsession as I immersed myself into this new world.

Initially, I didn't think it would lead to a career or even earn me and money at all. It was just fun. With pressure building from the fact I had just graduated and had nowhere to go, I decided to take art seriously. I become obsessed. My view of the world changed. I started looking at everything through the lens of 3D. Everywhere I'd go, I'd look around and think - How could I make this digitally and include it in an artwork? How could I recreate that shape? How could I get the light to shine like that? This is what I mean by obsessed.

I started sharing my work online, though at this point I had few followers and very little attention. The pressure to figure out my future pushed me to work harder. Gradually, my following grew, and people started asking for paid designs. While the initial payments weren't significant, the fact that people were willing to give me any money at all for this was so exciting to me.

Slowly, bigger artists and companies noticed my work. $200 jobs turned into $2000 projects and beyond. It got busy, with many requests flooding in. Many of these came from giant companies whose products I used or famous musicians I admired.

From a high school graduate with no plan, I transformed into a sought-after artist, fueled mostly by the fear of being a failure. This journey taught me the power of dedication and following my passion, leading to unforeseen and fulfilling opportunities. I worked hard and got what I wanted.

What I'm doing now

Now my focus is mostly on helping others with this problem. Specifically, learning the technical abilities that allowed all of this to happen for me. The core driving force behind all of this was my ability to create beautiful artwork. That's what I'm doing my absolute best to teach on my YouTube channel for free, and through my paid environments course.

You can find all the information on that here if you're looking to level up your blender environments: