Create Jaw-Dropping Renders

The Course

In the course I'll take you through the full creation process of 3 completely different environments:

Course Process 3 Edit V3 Small File png

Render #1 - Abandoned Factory

This is the first of 3 different artworks that I'll take you through the creation process of step-by-step. In this one I'll walk you through: 

  • How to easily model your own assets & show massive scale
  • ​​Easily combining textures to create intricate and grungy surfaces
  • ​​Access to the blend file and all assets inside
  • ​​​Entire process shown and explained from start to finish
Process 4 Edit small file png

Render #2 - Floating Temple

In this section of the course I'll walk you through how I created this entire artwork. Some things to mention on this one: 

  • ​Using the included Fantasy Asset Pack to help create a floating temple scene
  • ​Creating fast and easy-to-render clouds
  • ​Access to the blend file and all assets inside
  • ​Entire process shown and explained from start to finish
Course Process 3 Edit V3 Small File png

Render #3 - Dark Forest

The third render in the course, a forest scene. This one includes: 

  • Simple yet beautiful lighting techniques 
  • ​Tips to create nature scenes very fast
  • ​Access to the blend file and all assets inside
  • ​​Entire process shown and explained from start to finish

I'm here to help you create your best work.

When I started learning 3D, I started at the bottom like anyone else. Terrible renders, hopelessly trying to make money from something I loved, no followers, and no direction to go in. It was tough to say the least.

After spending thousands of hours in blender, watching countless hours of tutorials and allowing my mind to be fully consumed by this art form for years, things have changed.

I now have over 200,000 followers across all platforms. I'm creating art for musicians I grew up listening to, and companies I’ve always known about. I’m at a point where I can charge thousands of dollars to create a single image that will be seen by millions of people.

The way I got here was simple. Not easy, but simple: Create as much beautiful artwork as possible. And that's what I'm here to teach you how to do.

Anyone who wants can reach this level, and I’m here to share my knowledge so that you can get here faster than I did. Much faster.

You'll also get some asset packs.

Commercial/personal project use

No attribution required

Super easy to set up and use straight away

Fantasy Asset Pack

81 Fantasy Models

Sci-fi / Industrial Asset Pack

52 Industrial & Scifi Models

Photoscans Asset Pack

27 Photoscans

Who is this course for?

This course is meant for the person who has the basics of using blender, but doesn't fully understand the process of making high quality renders from start to finish. It's about the same difficulty level as the content on my YouTube channel, so if you can follow most of that then you'll do great in the course.

Course Outline

Section 1 - Fundamentals

In this first section, we'll cover the bigger overarching mindsets and tools that I use in my work:

- The basic framework of creating an artwork
- How to get ideas, inspiration and motivation to create
- The most helpful methods I've found for improving and speeding up my work
- How to optimize your workflow

Section 2 - Abandoned Factory Creation

I've recorded myself creating this one completely start to finish, explaining all my decisions along the way to end up with this result. You'll be able to apply the techniques I show here to many other types of industrial, scifi, and urban renders.

Section 3 - Floating Temple Creation

Fantasy renders are some of the most fun images to create since we can play with reality itself. I'll show you in this one how I use models to create surreal places that don't exist anywhere else. This one is also a good demo of how I use the Fantasy Asset Pack (more info on that below). Again, full process recorded and explained.

Section 4 - Dark Forest Creation

Creating nature scenes is something that I struggled with for a long time, which is why I had to include one of these in the course. You'll learn techniques to create natural environments that have a calming, beautiful atmosphere. Once again, full process recorded and explained, start to finish.

Section 5 - More Breakdowns and Conclusion

- Some more breakdowns and reflections on the process videos
- How to use all the information in the course and move forward with it.

Don't Just Take My Word For It

Here is some of my favorite work from the people who've gone through it:

"Made this using the assets included with @maxhayart ‘s new class - 
If you’re looking to learn environments in blender Max’s new course is a fantastic choice to get up an running quickly!"

- Jon Ojibway (@ozhichige)

"Shout out to @maxhayart for the incredibly helpful course, I’ve learned more in the past few days than I have in the last few months of trying to learn it anywhere else. If you like this kind of art I definitely recommend checking out his work because it’s insane!"

- Conner Richter (@conner.psd)

"This is the course that took me from intermediate to professional. It's years worth of time and experience condensed into a course with all the assets you need to get started."

- Haider Ali (@cg_haider)

"The priority of the main object, the central plate, the spotlight lighting, these are all based on MAX's course."

- TATOLU (@tatolu_exp)

"An image will always be just an image, but it becomes more when you feel a connection to the scene, to the characters, to the imaginary world created for each particular scene. That is what I found to be the most valuable lesson I learned from you."

- Sky (@sky3dworld)

"The course is all around extremely good, and provides new knowledge that definitely comes in handy when you're working on a scene."

- Dylan (@dylann.cor)

"Max is an artist that I've been following since he started posting videos on YouTube, and he hasn't stopped surprising me ever since. His works are the reflection of many years of learning about 3D, thanks to this course I have been able to increase my knowledge of graphic design and 3D. I recommend this course to people who have a basic knowledge of blender and photoshop."

- Fernan Designs (@fernan_designs)

"Throughout my journey of learning 3D, I have been constantly searching for faster ways to create artwork.

And I have been hesitant about using Photoshop in post-production. However, this course has addressed the issues I encountered and provided clear instructions that have taken my skills to the next level."

- Gala Zi (@galazi_3dart)

"I come from a 2D background, and what I like about Max Hay's course is that it is both comprehensive and approachable to artists of all levels. If you have any inkling of an interest in learning 3D, this is the place to develop it correctly." 

- Amir Draco Artn (@dracoartn)

Oh, and there's zero risk.

You can go through the entire course and if you don't think it was worth it up to 30 days later - I'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

This means:

Best case scenerio - You get exactly what you hoped for and more.

Worst case scenerio - You get a bunch of free training.

Here's Everything You'll Get:

1. Beautiful 3D Environments Course

Learn to create stunning renders as efficiently as possible

3 completely different renders created start-to-finish

Post processing workflow explained for each render

Sections on inspiration, ideas, workflow, etc

Other project breakdowns, tips, techniques and more

Art Layout 16x9 small png

2. Fantasy Asset Pack

Includes full access to a pack of all the fantasy assets that I've been creating and using for my own projects over the last couple years.

Very easy to use and setup

81 high quality models

Commercial and personal project use without attribution

Fantasy Pack Thumbnail Test Render 1 small file png

3. Access to 3 Project Blend Files

You'll get full access to the 3 process video blend + PSD files (Abandoned Factory, Floating Temple, Dark Forest).

Ability to use any of the assets in these blend files for your own projects

Screenshot (63) png

4. Industrial/Scifi Asset Pack

A big pack of industrial and sci-fi models so you can easily create gritty, urban scenes.

52 high quality models

Very easy to use and setup

Commercial and personal project use without attribution

5. Photoscans Asset Pack

Photoscans of rocks, stumps, terrain and more to instantly add life to your renders

25 high quality models

Very easy to use and setup

Commercial and personal project use without attribution

6. Access to the private Discord server

Everyone who buys the course will get access to a private discord server to connect with me and all of the other members.

7. Dust Particle Overlays Pack

Dust particle overlays to add a movement and energy to your images

28 dust particle overlays

Drag and drop into Photoshop

Commercial and personal project use without attribution

8. Moody Skies Pack

39 beautiful, HD skies

Perfect for image planes in Blender

Commercial and personal project use without attribution



Frequently Asked Questions

What software do I need to follow along with the course?

The entire course is designed for someone to follow along in blender and a bit of Photoshop. All of the asset packs come as .blend files. If you really want to follow along with what I teach in a different software, I still think there is lots of value here. But just know that there is a lot you'd be missing.

How difficult is the course?

The course is meant for someone with a basic understanding of blender. If you're completely new, I recommend going through Blender Guru's donut series on YouTube. This will teach you the basics of how to use blender.

The difficulty of this course is around the same as the content I post on YouTube. If you can follow along with most of that, you'll do amazing in the course.

 What's your refund policy?

If you don't like the course, simply send me an email letting me know you'd like your money back within 30 days of purchasing the course. No problem.

You will not be permitted to use any of the downloadable assets unless you re purchase the course.

 Can I go at my own pace?

Yes. The course is a series of pre recorded videos, so you can go through at whatever speed you like and revisit it at any time.

Still have questions or concerns? Email me here:

Delta RPO Tsawassen, Bc, V4L 2M4
PO Box 18125

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